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Tre Main

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Emerging as an independent online artist in 2000, Denver based artist Tre Main is a trailblazing songwriter and vocalist, showcasing an impressive music repertoire. Earlier projects such as his 2001 EP entitled "In Frame of Mind" followed by 2006's "Into the Open" and 2011's "Virgo Red" would acquire him a reputable amount of new listeners.

Ihe 2015-2016 year – would revolutionize the artist Tre Main, departing from his traditional singing songwriting mechanism to join in a full length collaboration with Atlanta based music firm So Fo Real Productions in his 2016 effort “Nightlife Confessions # 15. While the project to date has not yet been released to the public Tre Main’s invite of his loyal listeners to a full on listening session would immediately connect them with fan favorites such as the uptown funky “So Damn Cynical” and dance smash “Played the Fool.” while also introducing new collaborations on songs like “Talk with Stranger’s”, featuring Andrew Mc Bean and the Hip-hop duet “In the Life” introducing new comer Jayce also of Denver, Colorado.

The anticipated 2018 project #thematerialworld once again finds artist Tre Main reconnecting with So Fo Real productions on a 20 track music anthology due out June of 2018. Thus far, it is sure to be an ear- pleasing experience based on the listening success of early tracks "Everlasting", a fan listener tribute, the infectious dance hit "State of the Art" and the albums title track "the Material World."

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