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Madman the Greatest

United Kingdom

Hip Hop


Straight truth?

I have no accolades; no awards; no multi selling platinum uranium album; no big artists I'm associated with; no name checks; no major deal; no super unique story that separates me from the rest; no reviews; no super big buzz; no triple zero fans or followers; barely reach noticeable numbers; got no big investments; dont tour; dont have a team and dont have connections in the music business. To the world, I'm an unproven nothing.

so you really wanna know who I am?

Im a just dreamer. A kid with a passion for music so deep that nobody gets me. Hence the name Madman the Greatest. Im a fantasis of the music business. My desires to just be involved is beyond being famous. Playaz Cliq is my imprint that I started and invest in to protect my music. I dont know about obtaining million pound deals or racking in money. I simply make music. My music. Give it all I can give and release by myself. No help. No guidance. No investments. With nobody behind me. I understand marketing, social media and content is important in this days and age but I'm a boy from the old school.

It's just me, music and my creative mind. If you are prepared to open your mind and listen without subjecting my career to accolades, numbers and titles, then what I create is for you.

That's why I'm a boss.

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