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Hypnotix - reggae, dub , worldbeat, electronic... band from Prague, Czech republic.

A long time before the famed years of world music appeared, a bunch of key personalities of the czech independent music scene keep concentrating on african rhythms and asian modes mixed with a bourama badji (senegal) verses-toasting of dub poetry. The years of deep survey and intensive work over all the worlds music sources brings a mixture of firm puls within the rhythm, spirit of the sang word and power of european melos and modern break beat rythms. This alltogether unfolds the very own way of hypnotix.
Deserved response arrives with first vinyl album rastaman in pargue meeting a hand of steve barker a prominent DJ of an british radio station bbc , they are invited to contribute to the compilation called shocks on the wire together with dub syndicate and suns of arqua. Soon after the group was asked to record a new album at bob marley's studio in sheffield. The next albums, new world order is produced by alex limburg, right time invites a production by louis beckett from adrian sherwood's on-u-sound, african head charge and asian dub foundation.
The last hypnotix project will be prepared for 2005 with well known singer and west african drummer specialist ego l. din (nana zorin, tiditade). together with new guitarist vláďa keicher. from prague band "space junkie", totally new music material will be composed and programmed in hypnotix recording studio "Bubny".

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