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My Name is Andrew Ezell Wash or BigDru, or B.I.G.-Dru, music inclination comes naturally for me, I started out in Church in the Choir back in Black Creek, Mississippi singing at My Uncle Nazareth's Church, I was also a performing singing at the Church my mother attended in Benndale, Mississippi, I sung at many Churches throughout Mississippi, I was born in Richton, Mississippi on July 24th 1980, I was Raised in Mclain, Mississippi, I have been singing music since 1986-1987, I formed my first song in 1989-1990, I Freestyle Rapped alot, I know Freestyle Sing, I write, produce, engineer, compose, arrange, and so much more, I moved to Colorado Springs in 2001, I freestyled and started writing in 2002-2003, I I went to Denver Colorado to pick up my first Song's Instrumental from the Denver Label, "Mass Production" I recorded the song in 2004 in Colorado Springs, Colorado and I have been giving The World Music every since, I have sold alot of Music, independently from my Own hand I have Sold about 700,000-1,000,000 of my Own Work's, I also Sold a great Majority of my Music to The Military, so it was transported to other countries, I was told by a Military Personnel that alot of Copying of my Music was happening in different Barracks.
I got alot of New Projects, The Music is Spiritual, Love, Life, No Perversed Words, but it is Smooth, Calm, Upbeat, and Energetic.
I designed my own Genre Which I call (Rollin) .
BigDru INC.©(TM)

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