Music Creators

Free or Paid

    Music Creators - All Subscribers
  • Add biography, picture and social media accounts
  • Add YouTube videos
  • Add friends
  • Add comments

  • Music Player with unravelled search features
  • Post music on social media platforms
  • Embed Music Player on websites

  • Set Sale Prices
  • Keep Publishing Income
  • Instant Sales Payments

  • Music Creators - Free Subscribers
  • All the above
  • Upload 10 songs or instrumentals (with stems)
  • Keep 70% of the sales price

  • Music Creators - Paid Subscribers
  • All the above
  • Give away free downloads
  • Set for streaming only, i.e. not for sale
  • Unlimited upload of songs and instrumentals (with stems)
  • Unlimited upload of albums (tracks not sold separately)
  • Keep 100% of the sales price

Does Muzicity Have Any Rights To Uploaded Music

  • No - The Music Creator retains full ownership, copyright and control of their music

Requirements To Upload Music

  • A Photo
  • A PayPal Account - for instant sales payments
    or Bank Account - for details about bank payments - Click Here

  • Songs and Instrumentals - (untagged stereo music file - Mp3 or Wav)

  • For a Track-Out - (Songs or Instrumentals with their Stems)
    The Song or Instrumental - (untagged stereo music file - Mp3 or Wav)
    And each instrument on their own separate untagged music file

  • The name of the composer(s) and their publishing details - (This is optional)

Get Paid instantly And How Much

  • Yes - payments are paid instantly via PayPal

  • Free subscribers - Keep 70% of the sales price
  • Paid subscribers - Keep 100% of the sales price
  • Music Creators are also entitled Performance Royalties

How Secure Is The Music

  • Music is stored on encrypted servers and digitally voiced tagged

Music Players

  • Music Players are HTML5 and compatible on smart phones, iPads and tablets
  • Music Players can be shared on websites that allows the pasting of HTML code
  • Music in the Music Players are for listening and approve purposes only - The untagged versions are sold

Buying Music

Mp3, Wav File and Track-Out (Stems)

  • Mp3 - The standard format of most music sold to the public
  • Wav file - Because of better sound quality, tends to be used for professionals projects
  • Track-Out - The stereo mix of the music and with each instrument provided on separate music files

Songs Sold as Non Exclusive

  • Non Exclusive means the music can be sold more than once

Songs Sold as Exclusive

  • The Music Buyer has purchased the sole and exclusive rights to the recording
  • The Music Creator can no longer sell or use the recording, but are still entitled to Performance Royalties

Why Are Sale Prices Different

  • Music Creators set their sale prices, so prices will vary
  • Prices are either in UK Pounds, Euros or US Dollars

What Happens After Purchase

  • Music Buyers will instantly receive an email with a download link to their purchased music
  • The Music Buyer's agreement - via a link
  • The copyright and publishing details (where provided)

Backing Tracks

Sell to Public or Creative Industries

  • Music creators can choose to sell their music as a Backing Track (sometime called Background Music)
  • Music not selected to be sold as a Backing Track is sold for listening purpose only
  • Music creators can earn Performance Royalties when their music is used as a Backing Track

Unauthorized Samples

  • Uploaded music should NOT contain unauthorized samples
  • Uploaded music should be recorded using only original sounds made on real instruments and/or virtual instruments
  • Uploaded music that contains samples must be royalty-free and cleared for use
  • Any Music Creator using unauthorized samples will have their account revoked

  • Muzicity absolves all responsibility for any copyrighted material uploaded and has no way of knowing if a recording contains unauthorized samples and cannot be held liable for any sampled or falsely presented recordings

How Can Backing Tracks Be Used

  • Synchronize with multi-media productions - Sync Licensing
    Sync to animations, games, apps, film, TV and internet videos and all other forms of media

  • Sell up to 5,000 products that contains the music
    Products includes animations, games, apps, films, TV and internet videos and all other forms of media
    Products over 5,000 units will require an additional license direct from the Music Creator

  • Use for video and film productions not exceed £1,000,000
    Productions over £1,000,000 requires an additional license direct from the Music Creator

  • Use for radio, internet and television advertising

  • Broadcast on radio and television networks
  • Broadcast on internet websites and radio streams

  • Use for public performance or background music to an audience

  • Add additional sounds and instruments (Instrumentals only)
  • Add vocals (Instrumentals only)
  • Edit by shortening, stretching or looping

Copyright and Royalty Free Music


  • Copyright is the term used to describe the legal rights of sound recordings and other creative works
  • Copyrights are exclusive to the copyright owner and enable them to control how their work is used
  • The Music Creator retains full ownership, copyright and control of their music
  • The Music Buyer has only purchased the right to use the recording

Royalty Free Music

  • Royalty Free Music means the music has a one-time licensing fee, i.e. the sale price
  • Music Buyers can synchronize the music with audio and/or video productions without additional synchronization fees
  • Music Creators can still receive Performance Royalties from radio or television airplay via their copyright collection society
  • Royalty Free is not the same as copyright free
  • In the case of royalty free, the copyright of the music is still owned by the Music Creator

Performance Royalties

  • Music used in broadcast, streaming and live performance can be entitled to Performance Royalties
  • Music Buyers must submit cue sheets to the appropriate copyright collection society.
  • Cue sheets identify the copyright owner(s) and are used to report the usage.
  • Copyright collection societies collect Performance Royalties which are then paid to the copyright owner

  • Performance Royalties are paid to copyright collection societies by the broadcaster
    There are no additional costs with purchasing music from Muzicity

  • (Where provided), the Music Creator's copyright details are shared when purchasing music
    Cue sheets do not need to be completed when copyright details has not been provided

  • Muzicity absolves all responsibility in regards to royalties
  • It is the responsibility of the Music Creator to ensure their music has been registered with their copyright collection society
  • It is the responsibility of the Music Buyer to submit a cue sheets and complete the correct required registrations

Not A Member of a Copyright Collection Society

  • Music Creator can still upload music even if they are not a member of a copyright collection society
    (e.g. ASCAP, BMI, PRS, SACEM)
  • Copyright collection societies can make it easier to collect Performance Royalties


Intellectual Property

  • Muzicity takes a strong stand on protecting intellectual property and copyright
  • Muzicity will immediately revoke the account of anyone violating intellectual property
  • Muzicity regularly carry out random inspections of uploaded content to ensure any violations are removed