This service is for Music Creators who cannot receive payment via PayPal.

DO NOT send your bank details until you request a payment transfer.

Muzicity only uses PayPal for taking payments, therefore any music creator wishing to be paid into their bank account will have to use a Muzicity designated PayPal account on their Profile Page.

Disadvantage of using your bank account

  • You will not receive instant payments
  • The minimum transfer amount is one hundred Pounds Sterling (£100) or the equivalent in your chosen currency
  • Bank and admin fees are charged

How to set up payment into your bank account

In the PayPal ID box on your Profile Page enter the Muzicity designated PayPal account


How to receive your payments

  • Email us with your details at
    1. The Name of your Bank
    2. Your Bank Account Sort Code
    3. Your Bank Account Number
    4. Your Bank IBAN Number
    5. The Name of the Account Holder
    6. ID Proof - Passport, Driving Licence etc.
    7. Your Muzicity Music Creator Name
    8. The Amount to be transferred
  • Your bank details are never stored online, your bank details will be password protected and only accessible by authorised Muzicity employees
  • No payment shall be made to the music creator when less than one hundred Pounds Sterling (£100) is payable or the equivalent in your chosen currency
  • Amounts below one hundred Pounds Sterling (£100) will accrue and shall be paid upon request when the music creator’s account reflects a balance greater than one hundred Pounds Sterling (£100)
  • Muzicity will make an electronic bank transfer within 48 hours upon request
  • The music creator shall be liable for the bank transfer fees, usually twenty five Pounds Sterling (£25)
  • Muzicity will apply a five Pounds Sterling (£5) admin fee per transfer
  • Each transfer will be accompanied by a confirmation email and a detailed statement showing all sales
  • The music creator agrees to comply with our requests to verify their identity before Muzicity transfer funds to allow us to reduce the risk of fraud or to otherwise comply with anti-money laundering or other legal obligations
  • Muzicity may at our reasonable discretion (for example, to limit fraud), impose limits on the amount of money the music creator can withdraw